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About Us and Our Process

Hi there!

Dream Willow Studio is a division of The ITL Group Limited: A small company that started on the owner’s bedroom floor and soon spread to the entire home until it was time to grow up and move out! Dream Willow Studio now operates out of its flagship store in Oakville, Ontario. We are growing almost daily!

Dream Willow Studio is about finding positive and happy energy everyday. Our products help customers express their emotions and capture special moments.

Visit us @dream_willow

Our Process:

Dream Willow Studio individually and personally hand-stamps each personalized piece, letter by letter. The process creates a completely unique piece. We do not use machines, we create each piece just for you the way you want it personalized. We do not engrave and as a result our pieces may not always align perfectly or the letters may not be as deep, this is the charm of purchasing an unique hand – stamped piece. We will stamp the item the way you request it, we will follow the spelling and capitalization of letters. We do make mistakes and we appreciate when you let us know the error and we will quickly fix it ;) .

We do use engraved charms in some of our designs, these are pieces that cannot be customized.

We use the fonts shown in the sample, or we will provide you with the ability to select a font. Whenever, your customization may not be possible, too long or short etc, we will contact you and offer a way to solve the issue. It may require changing the design or font. We will do our best to help you create your special piece.

We love to work with you on a custom piece. Just send us an email!

Due to the hand stamping process, we usually can only stamp on one side of the item. It is likely on metals such as aluminum that you will see a slight scuffing on the back side of the item. This is normal and part of the process.

The size of the piece is described in each listing. We also list the materials and types of metals that we use.

Majority of the time we cut our own necklace chains and create the necklaces from scratch.

We like to work with other small businesses to source majority of our supplies.

The metals we use:

Sterling Silver

Aluminum – a great affordable, hypoallergenic substitute to sterling silver

Stainless Steel - a great affordable, hypoallergenic substitute to sterling silver

Gold/Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel or Silver

Swarovski crystals and pearls

Fresh Water Pearls